Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fictitious Dumping

I've never been one to care who was talking about me and even closer to the truth is that I didn't consider anyone would even want to waste their time talking about me. I am someone of course,  but not one that remotely has anything worth talking about or so I thought.  So when I am approached about "my relationship ending" it was quite a shock.

You see, I'm not even in a relationship! Yes that's right, I am single, but apparently the sweet nineteen year old girl wanted to help me move on and make sure I wasn't sad.

A bit amused, I asked what relationship was ending. With who? How long were we together? Did we have fun? Did I love him? More importantly,  did he love me? Wait! Why did we break up?! I mean seriously messing up a relationship with a real life person is one thing, but how the heck did I mess up a fictional one? That takes skill or lack of skill right?

She kindly says, uhhh with "Mr". Yes, I will be vague and leave it at that.
Mr?!, I screech! Yeah, I've been known to screech. Mostly when I'd rather say what the hell are you talking about,  but I wouldn't want to scare the lovely teenager.  Moving on I ask, "What gave you the idea that we were together?" The reply still blows my mind... "he told me".

There was some more screeching at this point.  Am I mad? Sad? Pissed? Happy? Yes, yes, yes and yes! But mostly in shock. According to her, we have been together for about a year. A year!!

Now, I'm not new to dating or having a significant other, but it has been a while.  I definitely remember that there is firstly a conversation about establishing the relationship! That part is pretty important! I mean what if I would have cheated on him? That would make me horrible! How dare I not be told! I mean the near daily conversations and not once this could be mentioned.

So back to the break up... it's quite sad, apparently I went and did a very girly no-no... I developed feelings for him! How dare me!  So correct me if im wrong, if we are together and together long enough where we officially have to end it, wouldn't it be normal to have feelings for the person at this point?! Dang those feelings for being there, if not I would still have a boyfriend that I didn't even know about!

So as I see you there with your eyes shifting around searching me out and our eyes connecting I just want to know one more thing... did you have feelings for me and is that why are fictitious relationship is ending? Correction, at this point I have a bazillion questions,  but that's the one I want the answer to most.

Practically every day talking, texting, and at times sitting right across or beside each other... how did I miss that? And why oh why would you tell some teenage girl about it? Why not me? Why not me? Why?

**last thought... It would have been an honor to call you mine

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