Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Do Have A Favorite

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. I wake early before anyone else, even the dogs most of the time. I close the bedroom doors and go to my kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family, iron everyone's clothes for church, have a long one sided talk with God. All of this happens in my kitchen... even the ironing! I look forward to this time all week long when my kids are controlling my schedule and occupying my energy and time. Don't get me wrong I love those little beings like I never thought I could, but this time is mine. It's usually interrupted by a dog barking or one of the kids waking too early, but I don't speak to them I smile and point to their room and they know it's not time for them to be up and they don't even argue anymore. Perhaps they know this is my time, but most likely they don't. Once I'm done everyone is woken up and we all have breakfast together or they eat and I sit and look at my beautiful kids that I don't deserve and I thank God that they were brought into my life. Later we get ready for church and head out. I can say without a doubt that music is very much and always has been a major part of my life. It's in my heart if you will. I could go to church JUST for those 20 or so minutes of praise. I feel the message that every one of those songs has deep in my soul. My heart and mind opens and my week starts so fresh on this day. I get the best feeling hearing the message that our pastor gives and I reflect on how I can apply it to my life. I find myself people watching during service and I know a few people there, but there are so many that I don't. Do they find this day refreshing as well I wonder. Do they leave this building and think of the message throughout the week? Do they look around and see me? Do they play their instrument and catch my eye as I sing to this beautiful song that they are playing? Do they wonder who I am? What I do when I'm not there gazing at them making this beautiful music, using their talent to praise Him? Do they think of me like I do of them once I'm gone from that building? Do they carry the songs in their minds and hearts throughout the week like I do? Do they see the tears of happiness that fall from my eyes when I leave this building? Do they care about this girl that feels so at home here in this place with these strangers? Is this their favorite day and place to be too?

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